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    Looking after your accumulated wealth.


    One of the most important aspects of financial planning is looking after your accumulated wealth.

    A bespoke solution to suit your needs is paramount; we achieve this by careful analysis and understanding of your long term requirements and objectives. We advise on controlling investment risk, reducing tax exposure and maintain a flexible and adaptable approach to future plans.

    Regular Savings

    This is a savings plan and it usually starts with a specific amount for a specific goal. It could be for a new car, deposit on a house, university fees or that dream holiday. A regular savings plan is best suited to people who want to save regularly for at least five years.

    A regular saving plan is a unit linked investment and you can invest in a range of investment funds. You decide on the risk level that you wish to take. You can also invest a lump sum at any time into the plan you can save as little from €50 per month.

    Most regular savings plan offer:

    • Flexibility – You can decide how much you want to save per month (minimum of €50).
    • Choice – You can create a plan to suit your needs and choose from a range of investment funds.
    • Potential Growth – You can have high risk funds with a higher potential return or lower risk funds with a potential lower return and the value of your savings may rise or fall depending on the return achieved.

    Investment Bonds

    Sometimes we have lump sums of money available; It makes sense to deposit some of the money in a deposit account, for easy access. Investing a lump sum is a great option if you want an opportunity to grow your money over time. We offer access to funds with varying levels of risk and return. This plan will suit people who wish to invest a lump sum and have the potential to earn a return. If you are looking for an alternative to a low interest deposit account for your savings or looking to invest in a variety of different funds.

    Investment Bond are usually a unit-linked once off premium paid into a plan/product. It gives you access to a wide variety of funds, with varying degrees of risk and return from high risk to potential return to low risk with potential low return.

    Wealth Management

    A plan that will maintain and increase the client’s wealth based on that individual’s financial situation, goals and comfort level with risk. After the original plan is developed, regular meetings are held with clients to update goals, review and re-balance the financial portfolio, investigate whether additional services are needed and ideally, follow clients throughout their life.

    Types of Wealth Management


    In financial markets, higher returns are associated with higher risk or volatility. There is no such thing as a risk-free product. We will show to you the potential pluses & minuses of investment so you can make an informed decision with a risk level that you are comfortable with.


    Investment risk can be reduced by means of diversification. The simplest example of diversification is provided by the proverb ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket’. Dropping the basket will break all the eggs. Placing each egg in a different basket is more diversified. There is more risk of losing one egg, but less risk of losing all of them.


    An asset class is a group of securities that have similar financial characteristics, behave similarly in the marketplace, and are subject to the same laws and regulations. The 3 main classes are equities (stocks), fixed-income (bonds) and cash equivalents.


    A deposit account is a savings account that allows money to be deposited and withdrawn by the account holder. Deposit accounts are a low risk investment but as a result long term growth is also low. There are 3 main types, Demand, Notice and Term/Fixed-Rate. Suitability for you depends on access requirements, the notice required and the rate of interest paid.

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